Membership renewal

Please note that the ESPD membership* is not being automatically renewed (except for Honorary members), therefore you are kindly asked to do so yourself. You can renew your membership preferably 1 month prior to the expiration date and at any time afterwards.

Renewing your membership is very easy - you can choose whichever way suits you better:
1) Simply click on the “Renew your membership” button in the right-hand side menu of this page, log in with your login details, fill in the online form and finish with paying your member dues for the next 12 months.
Neither submitting any further documentation nor waiting for the approval is required while renewing your membership (with the exception of applying for the newly constituted member category RESIDENT/FELLOW - the written confirmation from the attending supervisor/head of the department in question will be required during the online renewal to prove the status).

2) Log in to your member account on the homepage of the ESPD website (padlock icon), open the menu by clicking the personal account icon (please see the picture below) and select "Renew My Membership" link from the list. You will be automatically redirected to the renewal form where your can pay your member dues for the next 12 months.
NOT SURE WHEN YOUR MEMBERSHIP PERIOD EXPIRES? No problem, you can check it yourself in your member account while logged in, under the “Membership Overview” link (see the picture).
Additionally, you will be notified by the website every time you log as the membership expiration date comes closer in and you will equally receive notifications via e-mail (starting 1 month prior to the expiration date of your membership).

*ESPD Membership renewals are regulated by the ESPD Membership Terms and Conditions.